Warm Western Welcomes

We prefer to call it howdy-in’…

Wild Mustang


Howdying reduced

…because it’s more than just a welcome and a tip of the hat. There’s nothing like a good old western handshake and “Howdy there, Pard!” from an authentic cowboy to get people in the mood as they get off the bus or walk through the doors. We’ve howdy’d everywhere, including the 2002 Olympics, where we were in charge of the Cowboy Camp at the Soldier Hollow cross-country ski venue. There we greeted a quarter of a million people in more than 20 languages over two weeks’ time, shaking hands and providing photo-ops for people from all over the world. Everybody loves cowboys!

You say you need an emcee? Look no further than Hired Guns. We’ll give a cowboy kick to the evening’s proceedings that’ll make it one they’ll be talking about for a long, long time.

Sure, most events have someone meet and greet, but how many of those meeters and greeters are the most memorable part of the evening?

USANA hosted a Western-themed opening party for our international convention attended by 10,000 people. The Hired Guns were a great asset to our event. They were able to fill voids as they saw them without direction, catered to our invitees, and were respectful of my needs. I will hire them again!
Kim Pratt, Senior Marketing Manager USANA
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