Corporate Leadership Training… Old West Style!

A true cowboy is never afraid of riding out in front to make sure that things get done quickly and correctly. He also doesn’t hesitate to let someone know what is on his mind, whether its an affirmation of a job well done or some soft-spoken correction to get someone back on the right path. In a nutshell, cowboys are natural leaders. Hired Guns wants to help your leaders implement this cowboy philosophy through our unique leadership training workshops.

Our Leadership Workshop

We have developed an effective leadership workshop, Leadership Lessons from Teddy, George, and Geronimo, that has pieced together life experiences from some of the most well-known Old West leaders. This includes their strengths and weaknesses, helping you learn a few tricks of the trade while avoiding dangerous pitfalls. These leadership training programs are ideal for companies of any size in any situation, whether you are breaking in the next generation of young stallions or have a few old bulls around who need a little new inspiration.

We can customize your leadership workshop to fit the specific challenges that your company is facing. But we’re different from the other leadership training options than you can find. We’ll provide you with something that is fun, effective, and memorable for your current and future leaders.

Why Choose Hired Guns for Leadership Training?

Here are a few reasons why your business or organization should choose Hired Guns for your leadership training workshop:

  1. The majority of lessons from a leadership workshop are forgotten moments after the training program is over. This isn’t the case with Hired Guns. By teaching from a cowboy point of view, we’ll make sure that our leadership training seminar sticks to your mind like a plate of grits sticks to your ribs.
  2. We do things on your territory. You don’t have to worry about the finances of getting all your leaders to saddle up and head out to some distant location. Our leadership training seminars can be held at your office, helping you keep a few extra bucks in your billfold.
  3. Like we said before, we can tailor your leadership workshop to meet your needs. You give us the time and the place, and we will be there, rain or shine.
  4. We have a knack for making leadership training fun. Instead of having all your participants sawing logs, you can have a workshop full of an engaging crowd that is learning how to apply the cowboy way of life to their leadership tactics.

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