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Every customer interaction is an opportunity to promote your business and foster good relationships. But if you approach it the wrong way, it’s also a chance to lose a customer and harm your reputation for the long haul.

Hired Guns will teach this important truth and help your employees learn to make every interaction count. Our fun, collaborative customer service trainings and seminars will also teach other important interpersonal skills in an interesting, memorable way that is sure to stick with your company long after we say our farewells and skedaddle back to our Salt Lake City, Utah, home.

Hired Guns Customer Service Training Comes to You

We have been welcomed by businesses with as few as 10 to as many as 500 employees, and over the years we have found that our customer service training, leadership programs, and communication keynotes and seminars reach across all spectrums of the marketplace. We’ve entertained, educated and enlightened blue collar assembly-line workers, bank tellers, middle managers, company CEOs, doctors, dentists, and everyone in between.

For every business, we modify our customer service training courses and seminars to fit specific needs and goals. We can set our sights on customer service training, interpersonal skills lessons, leadership, personal branding and motivation or a variety of other topics.

To enhance the interpersonal skills among your employees, we teach people how to get out of the habit of just “getting the job done.” Every person on your team was hired for his or her unique talents and abilities, and helping them remember that can revive motivation and help everyone enjoy their work while doing a better job at every task that crosses their path.

In every training course or program, we add a generous helping of the Code of the West. The cowboy ethic is being honest, direct, treating people with respect, and ultimately getting the job done. It can be boiled down to our signature phrase:

“If it’s right, do it. If it ain’t right, don’t.”

Hired Guns teaches business communications skills using the concept of “Ridin’ for the Brand.” With this philosophy, we teach every person in the audience how to identify their own strengths, talents, winning personality traits and passions. Then, we help them develop a personal brand and “ride for the brand” by bringing their best to every interaction.

We start off with a casual atmosphere that lets your people relax and express themselves freely and add memorable songs and stories to make the lessons stick. Along the way, our trainings leave room for personal goal writing and reflection, which gives employees real-world solutions to the problems they face on the trails every day.

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