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In the Old West, there was an understood code of conduct that established how people worked, lived, and communicated with each other. As Salt Lake City-based business speakers and corporate trainers, Hired Guns LLC applies that “Code of the West” to the business world, in team building, leadership, and customer service workshops we call Ridin’ for the Brand and Leadership Lessons from Teddy, George and Geronimo. We don’t look or present like your average business speakers, because we’re not. The result is a training and team building experience unlike anything you’ve participated in before, and it’s raised the bar for companies from Utah to Texas since 2009.

Teddy, George & Geronimo! Ridin' for the Brand

The Cowboy Course to Leadership, Team Commitment and Customer Loyalty

Team building works best when it’s focused on building strong individual team members. As cowboy principle-based business speakers, we take your team out of their everyday element, transporting them to a time when people worked hard for the brand that employed them; a time when values like integrity, hard work, and loyalty still meant something. Tying in the time-honored values of the Code of the West while drawing on the wisdom of real working cowboys, our Salt Lake City-based corporate training presentations will bring long-term behavioral change to each member your team.

Ridin’ for the Brand

Success comes down to making a positive difference for those you “ride for”—your clients, your co-workers, your company, and yourself. Discover how the power of your own personal “brand” can help you make that difference, and get a cowboy twist on subjects such as customer service, communication, teamwork, and turning obstacles into opportunities.

Leadership Lessons from Teddy, George, and Geronimo

Strengthen your own leadership skills by learning from Old West luminaries such as Roosevelt, Custer, Lewis & Clark, and Geronimo. When you master their strengths and learn from their weaknesses, you can fearlessly lead your team into any battle and win!

5 Minute Video

7 Minute Video

Why The Hired Guns Approach?

  1. It’s memorable, and therefore effective. Most workshop are forgotten moments after the training is over. Not so with Hired Guns. Because we teach from a cowboy point of view, our training sticks like grits stick to your ribs.
  2. It’s efficient—it can take place at your office, so you don’t lose any employee work days. So for the price of one employee saddling up and heading across the country to an off-site meeting, you can inspire your entire team.
  3. It’s flexible—the presentations work well in almost any setting, from a convention keynote address to a half-day corporate workshop. We tailor the training to meet YOUR needs.
  4. It’s interactive and entertaining—because no one takes anything from a boring meeting!

In addition to our keynote speaking and specialized training workshops, we also feature fun and interactive cowboy-style team building activities, designed to help your team members discover each other’s strengths as well as their own.

The Hired Guns and their ‘Ridin’ for the Brand’ presentation hit a bull’s eye with our association. Ridin’ for the brand – or in our case many brands – is a constant challenge for PLAN agents. Lannie and Craig were informative, entertaining and humorous and got deep to the personal level of giving your best in support of your personal and professional brands. Well done and highly recommended.
Tom Owens Executive Director Professional Liability Agents Network (PLAN)
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