Business Communications Training with Hired Guns, LLC

If you’re looking for the best business communications training in the West, you’ve come to the right place. Hired Guns offers seminars and trainings customized to your business to teach a variety of workplace communications skills. Our unique blend of memorable cowboy songs and stories of life on the range will boost motivation and bring your team together, and they’ll be laughing and learning every step of the way.

Hired Guns believes in the concept of “Ridin’ for the Brand,” and we bring it down to a personal level everyone can understand. It all starts with personal brand building, which means knowing your skills, talents, passions and character traits. When you are confident in who you are, you can bring that “brand” to every interaction, whether it’s seeing eye-to-eye with coworkers or interacting with clients and suppliers.

We teach the cowboy ethic of communication — it’s about treating people with respect, being honest, being direct and finishing the job come hell or high water. We simmer it down to our signature saying:

“If it’s right, do it. If it ain’t right, don’t.”

After learning about themselves, your team will learn to share their personal brands with one another. Each participant will better understand where their teammates are coming from, why they act and react in the ways they do and how to capitalize on strengths as a group. Effective communication in the workplace will become an everyday habit, and this will mean the organization as a whole can better serve clients, and boost the bottom line in the process.

Communication Skills Training that Comes to You

We have been singing, telling old-time cowboy stories and helping companies improve communication skills for organizations across the West, and we are happy to offer seminars and help with training courses in Utah. We will come to your venue or place of business according to your wishes.

We customize each communications training seminar based on your goals and the specific needs of your team and your industry. We can focus on communications, if you so desire, or we can incorporate lessons on communications into our classic “Ridin’ for the Brand” keynote presentation.

Regardless of the path you take, we’ll enhance the training with memorable songs, stories that illustrate the concepts we discuss and video clips of working cowboys and cowgirls. We encourage audience participation, both as we interact with the whole group and after we split the team into smaller groups so they can share ideas amongst themselves.

The casual atmosphere lets your people have fun and relax so they can talk freely, and we always leave room for personal reflection. Then, we set goals and come up with solutions to the problems participants face on a daily basis.

The participants leave excited to come to work each day. They learn (or re-learn) skills that help them care more about, and interact better, with their customers and co-workers. And because of our cowboy approach — simple, memorable, and individually focused on each participant, the results are both immediate and enduring.

Call Hired Guns for Communication Skills Training with a Western Twist

We can help businesses with anywhere from 10 to more than 500 employees improve internal and external communications with our trainings, and your team will have fun and build rapport in the process. We keep ourselves busy, so call today so we can get you on the schedule. We invite business around Utah and in cities such as Boise, Cheyenne, Denver and Sacramento to get in touch right away by calling 801-518-4773 or filling out our form here so we can contact you.

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